Contemporary Pilates Online

Intermediate level classical/contemporary combo class.

Every Wednesday at 7pm

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Contemporary Pilates Online with Lizzie Turvey

Contemporary Pilates is a blend of several different methodologies that can include physical therapy, pre pilates, modified classical Pilates and general fitness based exercises. The blend creates a safe and effective exercise routine that is more easily attainable than classical Pilates. There is no set routine in Contemporary Pilates but we work in all planes of movement to create a balanced full body workout. Contemporary Pilates is a good place to start when building the strength, flexibility and mobility required for Classical Pilates. The original principles of Pilates are followed, Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow. (This class is currently unavailable but will return soon)

Contemporary Pilates Online

Online Pilates

Pilates online via Zoom (Zoom classes will recommence in September 2023)